“Innovating means inventing the tomorrow with what we have today” Anonymous
One of the main challenges of innovation has always been to think about how to use, in a creative way, the currently resources to develop new products or processes able to provide added value to what already exists.

“When someone says: I can do it too…it means that he can repeat to do it, otherwise he would have done it before.”
Bruno Munari, one of the leading figures of the 20th century in art, design and graphics, summarizes, without ambiguity, the creative spirit of design, a key element of the Milan Design Week, the most important design event in the world.

“Customizing does not mean adding your first and last name, but putting your signature”. (quote)
Today differentiating is a must and to do it people need to be active part of the product creation process, from the concept to its design. The opportunity to offer customized or customizable products allows companies to focus their attention on customers making them to to feel unique, important and, above all, alive! The freedom of creating (maybe without limits) something personal and exclusive is a desire that is increasingly characterizing us.”Offering” the customization becomes a very important compnay’s goal, and the 3D printing aloow them to achieve it.