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“Customizing does not mean adding your first and last name, but putting your signature”. (quote)

Nowadays differentiating is a must. To achieve this goal, people need to be active part of the product creation process, from the concept to its design. Customization is a very important marketing aspect for businesses. The opportunity to offer customized or customizable products allows clients to feel unique, important and, above all, alive! The freedom of creating (maybe without limits) something personal and exclusive is a desire that is increasingly characterizing us. To the early necessity to satisfy a need, it then has been added the desire to customize that need, with own ideas and preferences.

The first companies that paid close attention to this topic were the car manufacturers. Can you imagine people’s emotion when they buy their new car and have also the possibility to customize some components or choose their own preferred colors? Although customization will have increased the price, it will have also increased the customer’s happiness, moving from the sky to the stars. A satisfied consumer will then share his happiness with the entire world: after all, he was the designer of “his own” product.

With no doubts customization is not a recent topic, but in these last years it is discovering a new light thanks to the digital technologies that allow companies to get in touch with every single customer, to learn all his preferences and realizing his desires. The rising use of 3D printing technologies is even more important, because thanks to it, nowadays, the creation of something completely original is no longer a problem: just give vent to the creativity and the deed is done.

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This is exactly what Desamanera offers to his customers: the possibility to express their own creativity at the maximum levels. We are ready to satisfy every aesthetic and performance request, even with impossible shapes, in order to make unique the customer’s creation.

The features of our technology, the 3D stone printing (or other minerals) of big sized objects using exclusively natural binders, allow us to differentiate in this innovative world. We are innovators of innovation, this to advantage the client, who has the possibility to customize his own idea as he wishes, or, to better say, how he won’t believe it! After the printing we add MarbleSkin™, our revolutionary surface finishing. That seems weird to believe, but it is a proper new skin – of marble – that can be applied on our 3D printed stone objects and more other surfaces, of every shape.

The possibility to cover any object with marble, the use of unimaginable chromatic combination of materials and textures, and the addition of inserts, favor unlimited implementations, whereby the craftsmanship gives an important contribution to the creation of innovative, original and visionary works. This is what can be considered as extreme customization. After all, having the possibility to “print your desires” and apply marble everywhere, how do you expect to be called?

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