Imagining a model, a shape, a function, a color is an exercise that directly follows creative activities. Creative professionals have the privilege of often going through that extraordinary process with which we visualize a perfectly defined image in our mind. However, they must also think about how to make it real: production, materials, how to highlight the details and all the other elements that make up the manufacturing process.

Industrial revolutions have from time to time radically changed societies and everyday life.
Innovations in production processes and new technologies are leading us to intelligent and effective management of resources, improved services and greater well-being.

Teamwork, comparison and discussion, union of multiple different skills and backgrounds and collaborations, particularly international ones, are essential for a dynamic and effective research and development.

Once again the results are not long in coming: two 3D printed prototypes, born from the partnership between Desamanera and BAM, the German federal research center, within the AMITIE project, were on display at the Hannover Messe 2019 where in recent days the numerous visitors have seen them in person and touched their complexity.

Since May, 28 and for the next weeks, Prof. Jens Günster from BAM was here in Desamanera.
He’s the Director of Division Ceramic Processing and Biomaterials of BAM, a senior scientific at technical federal institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin, Germany.

Art(&)Form the project funded by the European Community to create a web platform and be the hub aggregation of an European network of artists, designers, manufacturers and digital printers in the 3D printing large scale.

Have you ever heard of FABulous project and FIWARE community? Let’s try to understand what opportunities they offer and the positive effects that they might imply to change very deeply the paradigm of 3D printing in the near future.

We walked around the Renzo Piano Auditorium during the days of Makerfaire and, wow, it seems to be really forward-looking place: the area turns into into a citadel of the future. There are inventions of every kind and for every field: from smartphone-controlled skateboards to robots…

Digi.Fab Future 3D is an exhibition that sheds new light on 3D printing, giving the opportunity to explain with the contribution of experienced guests in various areas, how this technology can be successfully implemented into industrial processes in a multi-directional way.