Moai made of PLA and covered with MarbleSkin™

“Innovating means inventing the tomorrow with what we have today” Anonymous

One of the main challenges of innovation has always been to think about how to use, in a creative way, the currently resources to develop new products or processes able to provide added value to what already exists. Desamanera has decided to do all this with minerals, innovating the way of producing stone objects, through 3D printing, as well as the use of marble as a covering!

Thinking to use marble as no one has ever done is the real innovation, to think of marble as a moldable matter able to cover any surface is a revolution! MarbleSkin™ is the coating that, just like a second skin, allows you to cover objects and walls with marble, treated in an original and unique way. Marble, Quartz and many other similar Minerals designed to embellish common objects, give them new life and new splendor.

MarbleSkin™ covers wood and many other materials

In addition, MarbleSkin™ allows to satisfy another important desire that now characterizes the current world of consumption: personalization. By now everyone wants to own unique objects, as well as exclusive, to differentiate themselves according to their own style. Here is another distinctive feature that puts MarbleSkin™ above any other type of coating with natural minerals.

During the design phase, colors and any veins that the surface must have can be chosen by clients. The processing after the application allows, then, to create customizable textures: smooth, wrinkled, sandy, relief and many others. From the collaboration with the client can also be created new customizations, combining the different types of marble, drawing original textures, or even making the surface photoluminescent. In this way, the possibilities for personalization become infinite. The “new skin in marble”, however, also has an important performance function: it gives a greater strength to objects made of more fragile materials and gives them a greater durability.

In short, with MarbleSkin™ you have the opportunity to create products that are aesthetically unique and of high quality, you must only give free rein to your creativity!

MarbleSkin™ can be very thin, starting from a few millimetres.
Would you say this Moai is not completely made of stone?

Finally, the fact that MarbleSkin™ is completely natural is not to be forgotten or neglected, because an innovation worthy of its name should start from the respect for the environment!

The high quality of materials, craftsmanship and passion are the main characteristics for a perfect coating, able to offer the right balance between design, elegance and practicality. MarbleSkin™ is the revolutionary coating developed by Desamanera that combines all these features to offer the possibility of obtaining unique design objects that can satisfy any creative need. Art, Design and Architecture for interiors and exteriors, represent only some areas of application.

Do not be afraid, be creative … we will help you to realize your dreams!

Watch the video on MarbleSkin™  and find out more here.

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