One of the slides of my presentation, where I presented our partners of H2020 project, RISE-Amitie.

An unexpected mail arrives at the end of July.

“We would like you to promote your experience in the RISE project called AMITIE. In fact, we understand that DESAMANERA SRL has been involved and has sent staff to various European universities. ”… even Unioncamere Veneto became aware of us.

What a good news!

They organized an event dedicated to Universities and companies interested in obtaining information on the new programming “Horizon Europe“, this name will replace “Horizon 2020” in the next programming period 2021-2027.

Promoting an instrument that has made us grow in skills, technology and authoritativeness is a pleasure and a great honor for us.

Ok, let’s participate!

We go looking for the first info on the event:

“The APRE Veneto office – Agency for European Research – operating at Unioncamere del Veneto, organizes two information days: one is dedicated to the world of research and the news of the new Horizon Europe programming; the other one is dedicated to the business world and new financing and development opportunities.

The Info Day of 16 September is addressed to the Universities of the Veneto region and to researchers who may be interested. During this day, Marie Curie projects will also be promoted, presenting successful cases of researchers who through a MSCA (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions) have had a great impact in their careers. “

Me during the presentation at the Info Day Horizon Europe.

On the 16th morning I show up a few minutes before the start of the conference to try the presentation on the hall systems, everything is ok.

Let’s go.

Dr. Angelo D’Agostino of NCP APRE, a competent and helpful person, presents in great detail the latest Horizon 2020 calls of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions and how the Actions themselves could change in the next Horizon Europe 2021-2027 undergoing definition.

The second part of the morning included the testimonies “of researchers and companies that have achieved important goals thanks to the Marie Curie program”, it was our moment.
There were four of us having to tell our stories, four adventure companions, four complete strangers, four different stories, united by a common experience lived thanks to the tools that the European Community had made available to us.
Giulia, a tenacious researcher and in love with her job.
Claudio, professor at the University of Verona, expert on MSCA Actions.
Fernando, a graduate student completely taken with statistics.
And then there was me, Andrea, talking about our adventure called Desamanera, which began 4 years ago, and all the events that took place over the years, including our participation in the AMITIE project.

But the best part was the subsequent refreshments, because you ate for free, you say, but no, not because of that, but because many people there came closer and complimented me for having witnessed a presentation full of innovation and passion.
These are the small, big things that recharge your batteries to face the great challenges that Desamanera will have to face in its forthcoming path.
Finally, sincere thanks to Dr. Chiara Bianchini and Unindustria Veneto for the invitation and hospitality.
Thank you all

Andrea Beretta

PS. The slides of the events are available at this page of the Eurosportello Veneto website.

Another slide of my presentation, in which there’s the timeline of the projects in which Desamanera has taken part in these years:
Smart & Start (Invitalia, MISE), FABulous, RISE-Amitie (H2020), Admin4D (POR-FESR), IDEAL (H2020). 

Published on 25th September 2019



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