“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” (Gandhi)

Also the horoscope says this will be the year of sustainability. Gandhi, in his own way, had already expected a time when man would have to deal with the exploitation of the planet. The commitments of many governments (not all of them unfortunately) and organizations are directed towards one single direction: environmental sustainability.
We can no longer think to produce without evaluating the impact of the ecological disposal of the good produced and without evaluating the regeneration of the exploited resources.

Hence, several companies are now driven by a view of sustainable design, meant as the “strategic approach” to the product based on processes and materials with the least impact on the environment. In this regard, they are constantly focused on the search for sustainability.

There are several “ways of being” eco-sustainable. Among others, two of the most important certainly are: giving new life and new value to unused objects, which are forgotten and then thrown away while still suitable; and using production and processing materials that are waste for someone but resource for others. After all, it has always been said that “someone’s rubbish is someone else’s treasure”, just a little creativity is enough.
Recycling, recovering, reusing, regenerating have become key concepts and represent the main drivers of sustainable development.
In the furniture sector recycling and re-use of old furniture and objects is becoming Art that finds an ever-increasing application, especially by young visionary designers. We refer, for example, to the creative reuse of everyday objects such as glass and plastic bottles or the pallets, used to create the most varied furnishing elements.

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Desamanera is founded on the social value of environmental sustainability. The waste resulting from the mineral processing, especially regarding marbles, represents our “treasure”. Properly processed, they are used as raw material for both 3D printing service and MarbleSkin™ finishing.

Innovation means for us offering to everyone the opportunity to see their own (unique) creative fantasies become physical objects, even the biggest ones. It has even more value if it’s done with respect for Nature and Environment. These last values are essential for us! This is essential for us!

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