Finally the necessary awareness and (it seems) determination that accompanies us to the Environmental and Climate challenges that we should absolutely face and win, in the shortest possible time. 

Difficult challenges that imply a cultural leap of the whole society but, at the same time, great Opportunities since they necessarily involve also the economic sphere. 

Someone, even if expressed in a different language from her/his mother tongue, knows in depth what it’s about.

Others, most probably, will have heard about it for the first time in these days, after the formation of the new government and the team of European Ministers (Commissioners).

Green New Deal: is the specific reference to the New Deal, the program launched by the American president Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 30s of the last century, to face the emergency that hit the great plains of the United States, caused by the reckless use of intensive cultivation techniques and pesticides, causing misery and a gigantic agrarian crisis. The Dust Bowl (this is the name given to the very serious emergency, just to remember how Nature always wins over man and returns to ask for the respect of his rights by taking them back without considering ways and times) manifested itself exactly during the beginning of the Great Depression, the very serious economic and financial crisis. It shook the world economy during those years and it is remembered, because it was exceeded in size, by the last “Great recession” started in 2008. The response of the American government, through the launch of an – extraordinary regulation – marked by the reduction of the social imbalance created by economic liberalism, was unprecedented and implemented through a series of reforms allowed by the “special powers “granted to the president, the same ones he assumes when the nation is at war.

The Green New Deal which is being discussed in these days, proposes an incentive plan and “led” by the European Union through which all Nations, having taken full awareness of the greatest emergency in History, are obliged to fight together the challenge climate.

Dr. António Guterres (Secretary General of the United Nations) on Twitter

The practical implementation of the European Green New Deal provides for a series of new rules which, in addition to favouring and encouraging public and private investments in the so-called “green economy”, direct and push current production processes and technologies towards the “circular economy”, facilitating the paradigm shift in favor of virtuous and processes sustainable by Nature and the Environment.

In relation to the projects and the various proposals made also by political groups linked to environmental causes, environmental organizations and global institutions, the investments aim, in addition to the very important purely environmental cause, also to restart the European economy, stimulating sectors that suffer for several years the effects of the Great Recession: construction, services, automotive, manufacturing, retail consumption, just to name a few.

The best stimulus, to create a driving force for virtuous growth, is to encourage investments in innovative tools and processes, for technological competitiveness and social well-being. 

In the Green New Deal there is room for flexibility from national budget constraints, for investments in new digital and production technologies that foresee and demonstrate constant and growing attention to the quality of life: the reduction of energy consumption and Natural resources, the reduction of substances and chemical products, reuse of materials through recycling, increase in biodegradable products, respect for disabilities, increase of public transport, social housing and public parks, etc.

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Despite the various possibilities and proposals that, for many years now, have been drowning in the various secretariats, it seems that the time has finally come for National and European institutions to get serious.

As usual, long before the institutions, it is the duty of each of us to convert and make the old culture, the one that generated the environmental crisis we are experiencing, convert to the new course. 

There have been, for quite some time, technologies and processes that favor the change of mentality. It is also up to each of us to look further and adopt the new principles and the new “green technologies” which, developed on the basis of eco-sustainable concepts and production processes, guarantee coherent and valid models of circular economy that already generate and will generate more and more economic wealth and environmental sustainability.

In Italy there are already several financial measures introduced to boost the modernization of companies and their technological and digital transformation. Soon they will also be financed. 

The powder bed inside one of our printers, in which the prints are “created” through the consolidation of minerals that come from recycled waste. 

Published on 18th September 2019



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