Many were the visitors who have honored us with their presence in space made available to Desamanera to attend professional event of innovative technologies for the future, promoted by Senaf and scheduled at fieramilanocity, 7th to 9 th June 2016. The company created ad hoc a path along which visitors were able to see and touch all that the company is able to create.

The event, which aims to show the business world new technologies, brought together all sectors of innovation in the field of manufacturing: from 3D printing to Additive Manufacturing, electronics and internet of things to innovative materials, the drones, to collaborative and service robotics. It was therefore possible to explore all the many areas of application of this innovation.

Desamanera has made up his skills not only in the field of creating innovative machines for the Additive Manufacturing of large size but also in the handicraft applied to digital. It was, in fact, paid particular attention to the superficial characterizations both performance and aesthetic: this is precisely the area where merge crafted and technology skills. De-sa-manera: “In this way, we do so”. Desamanera attended the 3dprinthub Technology with the intention to evaluate whether everything which is planned to be acceptable to its stakeholders. It was a crucial test and a confirmation was absolutely necessary. The result has been very encouraging.

The fair allowed to “old” and new entrepreneurs to test how much you are investing in new technologies and new markets: the one and the others are offering new opportunities in different sectors. It was, therefore, an opportunity to see which applications and what the market can implement solutions in Desamanera same time can offer.

Innovations in materials and research have allowed Desamanera to make a totally innovative use of materials. The company adopts the diversity of thought and innovative uses of Additive Manufacturing, outside of any scheme. At the fair, in fact, it has revived not a simple stand, but a decidedly future-oriented path. Precisely for this reason, the Desamanera team, showing what is able to realize the company, he has been able to turn in their partners perceptions, sensations, pleasant emotions and interest.

Knowledge of materials matched to artisan skill allowed to create the LiquidMarble™, whose applications range from design, to the creation of new artistic forms, to preservation of historical and artistic heritage. Only those who came to visit us could see the effects of the study and search applied to LiquidMarble™. With surprise and wonder the visitor has seen how the technology specificity can be applied to production and surface characterizations made in unique and exclusive way.

During of the conference “The 3D printing big size Desamanera”, realized in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padua (Prof. Ing. Paolo Colombo), the company has shown to the public the latest news about to the study of materials applied to large print.

3D Printhub Technology photo gallery

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