On 23 June 2016, the first Heritage Master was presented at the Iuav in Venice. This October Iuav and Desamanera start a strategic partnership path in order to chart a new path useful for industry and research through the creation of second level master: “MI-Heritage: Master in interactive and digital systems for the return and protection of cultural heritage“.

The love for art and for culture in general has prompted Desamanera to make a contribution to the e continuous search, which museums and public and private institutions are devoting themselves in recent years. The goals are greater accessibility and enjoyment of works of art and an increasingly direct relationship with visitors.

The technological revolution introduced by the Additives Manufacture, better known as 3D printing, could be, even for the whole field of cultural heritage, the opportunity to enter into a new season production / creative.

With the advent of digital systems the scope of the protection and conservation of heritage has undergone a radical transformation of its methodological and operating system. New media technologies allow works of analysis, surveys and construction of study models ever more refined and complex. They are particularly useful in all retention processes: from analysis and non-destructive monitoring of the degradation, the most advanced techniques of operations optimization and, finally, dissemination in the network and the virtual museum display of cultural heritage.

These two realities the Academic and the Business world, will join in a synergistic way to interchange and merge their knowledge, their specific contribution. Will, in fact, provided the knowledge necessary to carry out any missing parts of the artifact is digitally analogy is through 3D printing technologies.

The fruitful exchange between two “operational families” with complementary and synergistic characteristics will undoubtedly contribute to the preservation of Heritage: theory, technology, innovation undoubtedly will bring significant benefits in their use.

MI-Heritage: Master in interactive and digital systems for the return and protection of cultural heritage Photo Gallery

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