At Design Week, Milan once again confirmed itself as the capital of design, as it is unquestionably rich in creative and passionate minds.

Desamanera participated in the Fuorisalone 2016 at the Methesis event, dedicated to 3D printed products. Desamanera was tasked with coating a lamp with LiquidMarble™ Luminescent Extra White, 3D printed in PLA by Solid3D Printing. This coating makes the lamp unique, as it gives new shapes to the light. Unique in design and coating, thanks to the light that spreads it looks like a meteor born from creativity, inside Desamanera, by Clara Panin.

3D printing is also ready to be used in the field of design applied to commercial products, inviting you to pay special attention to the uniqueness of the piece, to the particular technical expertise and to the maximum customization.

The event was organized by “Il Replicatore” in collaboration with 3D Printing Business Directory, Autodesk, Lenovo and Sisma, a well-known manufacturer of 3D printers metal laser casting. The idea of the promoter of this event, Davide Sher, was to make the art of 3D printing one of the leading global events in the world of design by translating the new ideas of designers into software to express them digitally and, therefore, delivering them to 3D printing to make them real.

The Methesis event (April 12-17, 2016) was a contest that allowed us to capture the creative flair of the best emerging designers and the operational and entrepreneurial skills of the companies active in production with Additive Manufacturing (3D printing).

The intention of the 55th edition of Milan design Week was to show how much Italian design is able to design and realize using new technologies, new materials, thus becoming a spokesperson for product quality and culture. The effervescence of the 2016 edition of Milan Design Week has taken shape in temporary exhibitions, previews and projects. The event provided an opportunity for various companies to celebrate anniversaries of various kinds, involving in celebrations or self-celebrations listed galistists, collectors, new entrepreneurs and VIPs.

Many companies offer sober contemporary design, others show a tendency to create the unique piece, sometimes hovering between art and design, to privilege the limited editions, the manual work, launching the challenge based on the use of both new and traditional materials and the recovery of old techniques revisited in an innovative way.

The appointment is, therefore, for the 56th edition of the Milan design Week, which will take place next year, and for the upcoming event in which Desamanera will participate…

Published on 29th April 2016



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