This week Desamanera, officially invited by organizators, will participate in the World Stone Congress, scientific and informative conference at the Xiamen International Stone Fair in China.

The 17th edition, one of the most influential and important trade fair in the world, takes place from today to 9th March and will include conferences about design, architecture and the most advanced machinery’s technology, linked by the common thread of the macro-theme “respect for environment”.

That’s the sense of the lecture in which Materials Engineer, Filippo Gobbin from Desamanera, will outline the Technology and the Materials which characterize our high contribution to a trending topic: the use of stone powder and “waste” material to realize high quality products with surprising complex shapes, large size, which respect the environment, and which can be customized through aesthetic and functional characterizations and surface finishes.

Filippo will present our 3D Printing technology and MarbleSkin™: products born from the union between digital technology, handicrafts and scientific researches carried out in collaboration with Prof. Ing. Paolo Colombo’s team from the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padua.

The space dedicated to Additive Manufacturing and 3DPrinting of stone and marble creates great expectations in industry experts and recognizes Desamanera as a leader and cutting-edge company as the only one to have gone beyond the experimental stage and have already realized objects through these innovative technologies and with specifically developed materials.

The high technical and scientific knowledge developed allow the realization of artworks but everyday objects also, accessories, interior and exterior furnishings, so as to be called “Stone on Demand“.

The interest is also directed to the potential and opportunities offered by these new technologies.

It’s a first time for Desamanera in Asia, it will be our pleasure to share experiences, emotions and news through the blog and our social media to keep up our public day by day.

For architects, designers, artists and all those who can visit the fair, the appointment is Wednesday, March 8, at 14.00 local time, at the Room 402 of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center: the future is wide open.

One of the entrances to the Xiamen Fair

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