Values and Objectives

We founded Desamanera because we love Beauty.

Beauty that gives us Nature, Beauty of colors, of materials …

Beauty that takes shape before our eyes, which comes from fantasy and involves us,
making us responsible for its transformation into an object, an artwork.

Technology is an instrument for us.

Together with manual skills it helps us to push the realization boundaries to give shape to the Beauty that comes from contemporary fantasy.
Technology allows us to offer greater Freedom to the Imagination, even to the one stimulated by the most innovative digital tools.

We founded Desamanera because we like working with our hands as well as our heart.

We like to “feel” materials, blend colors, discover details in features, to learn.
Perhaps this is the main reason why we founded Desamanera:
we are Artisans. With hands and in the head.

We offer, to all the minds of the world, the possibility of expressing their talent and style using technologies and minerals as never before.

We do this by respecting Environment and Nature, which generously provides us with wonderful resources.

Desamanera srl
Antonino Italiano
Founder & General Manager