Environment and Sustainability

Our Earth is the only planet in the Universe that has hosted Nature.

He then designed the best conditions so that Nature could generate Life and Life could evolve.

The Earth has been calling us for a long time; wants to show us the suffering caused by the obvious physical and atmospheric changes it has suffered and is undergoing at the hands of man.

The increase in temperature, large-scale weather anomalies and the chemical, physical and biological consequences caused by environmental pollution, drastically accelerated in the last few decades, are the voice that the Earth uses to give strength to its pain.

Earth, and with it Nature, are sick; and the current relationship between man and the Environment is aggravating their illness every day. Arrogant, we believe we can subvert the Laws that have allowed us, so far, to share share, not exclusive possess, together with all the other species, what Nature‘s generosity offers us. Our selfishness and our veniality make the distances between us constantly increase, threatening the quality of our life and that of our children, if not even the survival of the human species.

Human behavior, the behavior of the only species that has evolved and continues to evolve heavily alters the delicate environmental balance in which the interactions that allow the conditions essential to animal and plant life take place.

Man, particularly the most evolved, is capable of materializing the contradiction of evolution. In fact, it would be social, production, economic, technological, growth, development, etc. needs. to justify the absolute myopia of behavior towards Nature and the Environment, up to now demonstrated by man.

Obviously we cannot ignore the legitimate needs connected to evolution.

It is however necessary to ask ourselves if our current production requirements, technological, social, economic development, etc. They must inevitably be satisfied to the detriment of the quality of life today and that of future generations.

This is the question, the only question we all have to ask ourselves.

All of us, advanced men and women, have the cultural bases to answer this question.

Indeed progress, particularly technological progress, is our best ally in ecosystem safeguarding.
In Desamanera we know that there are opportunities to quickly change our updates.
We know that it’s possible to guarantee inclusive and sustainable development.
We also know that Sustainable development creates economic wealth and well-being, because “creating more and better, with less” increase the benefits that derive from economic activities.

All activities in Desamanera are carried out on the basis of the most important founding principle: minimizing the environmental impact and protecting the resources of our planet.
Our innovative production systems and processes produce products through recycled materials or waste from other processes and use the strictly necessary material for production, reducing the processing waste.
This is our Model of Circular Economy.

Fortunately, the world has opened its eyes and is now aware of this serious problem: concern for environmental issues is growing. From local and national governments to the main international organizations, the sensitivity, availability and responsibility to combine environmental protection and progress in a concrete way increases, looking at the future of our planet and the new generations.

Fortunately, many, even in civil society, begin to feel and understand that each of us, more than any other institution or organized reality, is responsible for environmental protection and that we must strive to protect it.

Desamanera declares its commitment to the best contribution to the “Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development” Objectives 9, 12 and 13, action program for people, the planet and prosperity, signed in September 2015 by the governments of the 193 member countries of the UN.

Thanks to Dick van Duijn for the wonderful photos.