The Team

Research and development are the driving force behind our innovative startup.
What characterizes our technology – large dimensions, natural recycled minerals and engineered natural binders – combines different disciplines, from mechanics to fluid dynamics, to electronics to software programming; requires a deep knowledge of the materials, their characteristics and their reactivity; and at the same time it requires a deep, concrete and pragmatic experience.

We are specialized technicians and digital artisans who like to do new things, and do them with passion.

Antonino Italiano

Founder & General Director

I am a Craftsman, for culture and passion. I like doing things with my hands, using colors and Minerals, Marble and Stones in particular. After graduating, in more than 30 years of activity, I founded several companies in Italy and abroad. In Desamanera I manage and coordinate the Operating Areas, I deal with the overall Strategy and the development of the Business. I look for and find solutions to solve technical problems and performance needs of systems, materials and products. I give my directive and operative contribution in the R&D area for Materials, for the design of the Machines and the production processes. I often create and invent unique and original products and processes. I am predisposed to continuous research and I have a strong curiosity for innovations, particularly technological ones, which I consider tools to help man expand his cultural and realization boundaries.

Andrea Beretta

Administrator & ICT Manager

Always in love with new technologies and a sustainable future. Graduated in Information Sciences (Computer Science) with twenty years of work experience as a Software Director, Business Management Consultant, Subsidized Finance and Programmer Analyst. In Desamanera I deal with the design and development of the D-Slicing software, of the computer, electrical and control components of 3D printers, of the management of corporate Information Systems, of the coordination of projects financed by the European Community (H2020) and the Veneto Region (POR-FESR).

Paolo Colombo

Prof. at UniPD; FACerS, FECerS, FIMMM
Academic, World Academy of Ceramics

Professor of Materials Science and Technology at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padua, he published more than 200 papers in peer-reviewed journals and received several awards. His research interests include novel processing routes to porous glasses and ceramics, like Additive Manufacturing.

Raffaela Carchidi


My training concerns business management under the administrative profile. In this professional field I have acquired my experiences over the years.
I’ve been present in Desamanera ever since it was simply “an idea”.
Now that it has become a “Stimulating corporate Reality”, here too the role I hold is that of administrative, accounting and treasury management.

Filippo Gobbin

Materials Engineering and R&D

I am a Materials Engineer, graduated in 2016 from the University of Padua. Over the years I have acquired specific skills in the world of additive manufacturing, use and characterization of materials, especially inorganic and ceramics.
I arrived in the company as a lover of technology and innovations, working in close collaboration with the University during a PhD in apprenticeship in higher education and research.
In Desamanera I work in the technical area and research and development area. We follow projects in the most diverse sectors and are always focused on technological innovation.

Leonardo Miotto

Mechanical Engineering and R&D

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. Here in Desamanera, I’m living my first professional experience which I am conducting in parallel with my master’s studies.
In the company, I deal with the mechanical design of printers, from the frame to the movements.
I like to get involved right away, I see work here as a challenge that allows me to experience first hand what I learned at the University.

Laura Tenan


Thanks to human sciences studies, I started my professional life in direct contact with people. As I have gained experience with companies that are different from each other, but all aimed at offering services and assistance.
In Desamanera I deal with communication, from marketing to commerce. We reach all over the world and provide people with new tools to express themselves, and I get excited about being able to accompany people from every profession and experience through the discovery and deepening of our technologies.

Nazzareno Italiano

Medicine and Surgery student at the University of Padua.
I’m keen on the subject of science; I like to study and apply languages and communication methodologies, focused on training people in new technologies.

Annamaria Maccapani

Artist and Artisan

The passion for art led me to obtain a degree in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Thanks to the technical and manual skills developed, I was able to create ornamental elements, as well as furniture or wall decorations to be placed in commercial or private spaces.
In Desamanera I deal with the post production of the prints, their finishing, the application of MarbleSkin™ and the preparation of the materials needed for printing. Desamanera offers me the opportunity to discover a unique type of work and to acquire new knowledge every day. Every day I can contribute to its development through my craft skills.

Stefano Beccari

Artist and Artisan

I dedicated my entire training on the study and practice of art, first at the Institute of Art Bruno Munari in Castelmassa -RO- and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
In the professional life I have found space for my skills in the field of carousel production, decorating and painting. Then, intrigued by innovative techniques such as 3D printing and marble processing, I was lucky enough to join Desamanera where I was able to express my creativity at 360° in decorations, finishes and sculpture.