La stampa 3D della pietra in grandi dimensioni:



Pubblicato il 8/8/2018
Categorie: Casi di successo

Managers to strengthen startups - Interview with Antonino Italiano
Manageritalia tell us the story of Desamanera through an interview with mentor Donatello Aspromonte and our Antonino Italiano.

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MarbleSkin™...the amazing coating!
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"Innovating means inventing the tomorrow with what we have today" Anonymous

One of the main challenges of innovation has always been to think about how to use, in a creative way, the currently resources to develop new products or processes able to provide added value to what already exists. 

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Pubblicato il 7/4/2018

Two weeks in Desamanera
It's called “Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro”, literally “alternation of school and work”. It’s a young apprenticeship programme designed for girls and boys who attend the last three years of high school, made mandatory all over Italy in the last 3 years. 

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Pubblicato il 6/27/2018

SUP3R&Co…an Innovative Project for an Innovative Network

"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat." (Anonymous)

The project "SUP3R & Co.: SUrface finishing, 3D Printing - Research & Communication" set up by the Veneto Region within the Regional Operational Program F.S.E. 2014-2020 fully reflects this quote.

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Pubblicato il 6/20/2018
Categorie: Stampa 3D

Interview with an Additive Manufacturing man, Prof. Dr. Jens Günster from BAM

Since May, 28 and for the next weeks, Prof. Jens Günster from BAM was here in Desamanera.
He’s the Director of Division Ceramic Processing and Biomaterials of BAM, a senior scientific at technical federal institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin, Germany.

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Diventa anche tu protagonista dell'innovazione

Libera la tua creatività e scopri tutti i servizi che Desamanera può offrirti per migliorare il tuo lavoro.