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Surface Finishes

  • Desamanera surface finishes


    The marble that follows the shapes

  • Desamanera surface finishes

    Unlimited surface finishes

    We have many finishes in our catalog

Do you need to realize a prototype or a final life-size version?

3D printing in quantities and variations do not affect the unit cost.

Why would you choose our surface characterizations?

The first contact with any object is visual. The surface appearance is an important aspect that makes one appreciate the value of the object. Desamanera finishes are also highly customizable in terms of performance.

Desamanera surface finishes

Enhancement of creativity

Our MarmoLiquido™ offers more space for creativity due to the large variety of colours and textures, that can be applied to countless forms. Amaze your customers using traditional materials and treat them in an original way. We believe this is the value of creativity.

Enrico Dini

Makes the materials more precious

Our surface coating enhances the materials and makes them more technological, more valuable, more functional. The performance characteristics of the coated objects improve and enrich aesthetically and functionally the most various design solutions.

Desamanera surface finishes

any surface

Apply our finishes to all existing surfaces, including those made with our 3D printer. Characterize walls, furniture and rough objects with complex shapes with our innovative finishes. Characterization, besides art objects and indoor and outdoor furniture, has endless application possibilities.

What we offer

New solutions to give life to new material combinations. Solutions that bind beauty and performance, suitable to satisfy a plurality of new requirements.

Innovative materials

With our MarmoLiquido™ we were able to place the elegant stone on unthinkable surfaces. Thanks to the dry finishing and the nanotechnology performance, our innovative materials enhance the performance of surfaces and make them original.

High performance

Our R&D department is able to satisfy increasing performance demands: weather resistance, fire resistance, thermal insutation, sound insulation, detergent resistance, abrasion resistence, mechanical strength, etc.

High customization

We cooperate with our customers to develop and to offer new customizations: to combine the endless marble types, to draw on the surfaces original textures, to rejuvenate the surfaces, to make a surface photoluminescent, etc.

Research and development

Desamanera is strongly committed to research and development of new materials, techniques and processes in order to enter into additional market segments and to maintain the competitive advantage stemming from our technology.

Which finishes are applicable to your industry?

Discover the many surface finishes that you can use in your work.

Are you a designer or an artist?

Be it statues, furniture or any design product, Desamanera's surfaces finishes make unique and original your ideas, putting you a step ahead of your competitors.

Create without matirial limitations

Are you an architect?

How often technical problems block your creativity? Our mission is to support you in realizing your ideas with impossible shapes and with original materials without affecting the performances.

Give value to your projects

We can petrify any surface

Whether you are a designer or an architect, you can apply our finishes, which are continuously increasing, to countless surfaces

Desamanera surface finishes

Uneven surfaces

We cover all shapes with marble, without limits and with the Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Desamanera surface finishes

Flat surfaces

Walls, ceilings, vaults, pillars there are many surfaces that can be marbled with MarmoLiquido™, even the plasterboard: high quality finishes without the weight of the stone.

Desamanera surface finishes

Luminescent marble

To cover with natural marble your sculpture and see it emitting light at night: this, as well, is the potential of our finishes.

Desamanera surface finishes

Humidity resistance

With our technological finishes we lengthen the life of the marble coating, making it water resistant and immune to molds. Solvents and abrasion will be no longer a problem.

Frequently asked questions

Is your curiosity lit?
Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning superficial characterizations.

The marble granules are mixed with our natural aggregate and laid by hand by specialised craftsmen. Once dried (after about 20 minutes) it is polished with the same tools used to polish a slab of marble.
The finishes offer superior performance compared to the classical material because they contain components specifically designed for the requested requirements.
Likewise the performance and the surface life is higher than the classic material.
Our aggrgate does not contain resins, it is completely natural, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Do you have a question for us?

Our research and development department creates new materials every day.
Tell us your ideas and find the most effective response to your requirements.


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An invite for Desamanera to the World Stone Congress in Xiamen

An invite for Desamanera to the World Stone Congress in Xiamen

Desamanera in the World Stone Congress 2017, scientific and informative conference at the Xiamen International Stone Fair in China.
Desamanera to Fuorisalone’s Milano

Desamanera to Fuorisalone’s Milano

Meteor lamp covered in liquid marble MarmoLiquido™ by Desamanera participates in Fuorisalone2016 Methesis space inside the area Tortona

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