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Additive manufacturing and special surfaces with minerals

a new use of stone and marble in powder

No limits to creativity

Innovative and natural materials

MarbleSkin™: (re)dress with marble

Discover a new world: Desamanera

3D printing of stone in large dimensions

Create shapes and objects without limits

3D printing technology to create objects, layer by layer, with natural and recycled mineral powders to respect environment and nature.

Desamanera 3D printer for stone

Big dimensions

We print 3D stone objects in large dimensions. Our technology allows to create very complex objects with shapes not feasible from subtractive traditional technologies or by casting into molds.

Desamanera 3D printer for stone

Incredibles unlimited shapes

With 3D printing it is simple to realize shapes never seen before. Empty, undercuts, curves, overhangs and even go inside the object. The technology of powder bed solves the problem of the support to complex shapes freeing creativity.

Desamanera 3D printer for stone

Simple and fast production

To produce complex objects becomes quick and easy. With our technology we can drastically decrease time to production, simultaneously produce multiple objects and apply surface characterizations within a few hours after the print.

Desamanera 3D printer for stone

Rapid prototyping

Starting from the "object digital model" are realized prototypes in scale or full dimension, in a simple, quick and convenient mode.

MarbleSkin™: (re)dress with marble

Innovative, aesthetic and performance Surfaces Finishing

Surface finishing applicable to many materials with even very complex shapes that revolutionizes the way of understanding the natural marble while overcoming the known limitations.

Desamanera surface finishes

Recovery of unused marble

Grain minerals of very high quality and value, considered quarry waste for dimension, are transformed into raw material for our surface characterizations and finishing.

Desamanera surface finishes

The evolution of the marble’s features

Performance features: weather resistance, fire resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, resistance to cleaning agents, abrasion resistance, mechanical strength... and aesthetic characteristics: photoluminescence, frequencies light filters, varying degrees of dry sanding, chromatic mixtures of marbles, transparency...

Desamanera surface finishes

Small thickness and low weight

MarbleSkin™ allows to cover all surfaces and complex shapes with natural marble in very small thickness, as low as 2 mm. It combines the aesthetic characteristics with the technical performance and drastically reduces the final weight.

Desamanera surface finishes

Take marble in unexpected places

The finishes can be applied to all existing surfaces, not just those created with our 3D technology. Walls, furniture, accessories and objects of any shape, can be characterized with MarbleSkin™. Art and furniture for indoor and outdoor, are just some of the many possibilities of use. (photo: Initium - Marc Reist - 2016)

Why entrust to us

Already today artists, designers, architects, archaeologists, experts of coastal protection, producers, engineers, builders rely on our additive technology to implement the best solutions.

High level professionality

Young and multidisciplinary team. 3D modelers, mechanical engineers, materials engineers and experienced researchers, software and mechatronic engineers, work together every day to improve our products.

Many years of manufacturing skills

Our team includes entrepreneurs, engineers, technicians, communications experts, all with extensive experience. The collaboration with worldwide universities, research institutions and innovative companies, produces unique materials and technologies.

Uncompromising handicraftsman culture

The handicraftsman knowledge applied to surfaces enhances the artwork, making it unique in the details. All strictly made in Italy.

We support you in the development of innovative projects

We work closely with customers, we seek specific solutions to specific needs, creating three-dimensional printable models and customized surface characterizations.

Our company

Desamanera operates in the field of stone additive manufacturing in large scale. The multidisciplinary expertise of the team, enabled us to develop an innovative and unique 3D printing technology, software, printing equipment and natural binders. Thanks to techniques and processes, craftsmanship also, we can apply fine finishes of natural marble to the surfaces, making unique and exclusive every single object. R&D department is constantly engaged both internally and through collaborations with universities, public institutions and private companies, looking for specific solutions to specific production requirements.

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No limits to creativity with innovative and natural materials

Discover the 3D Printing minerals in large size new world: Desamanera