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Applications for Designers and Artists

  • Designers working with 3D printer Desamanera

    Unlimited freedom in forms

    From Computational Design to 3D scans: think big

  • Designers working with 3D printer Desamanera

    Surfaces that transmit emotions

    The matter has no more constraints for the art

Great thinking does not have boundaries

We deleted the geometric constraints in the production of stone and marble objects, now you can create without any limit


A fractal as lamp

The largest rock lamp printed in 3D, built in 2012 is now exhibited in Vancouver at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden.

I saw it again in 2014 and I found it quite remarkable. I have seen many other prints, but this has a charisma all its own. The texture and the material are as a gigantic shell, like a young stone, and rests lightly on the Earth.

The artist: Bathsheba Grossman


A moment in the flowing time river

Marc Reist is a natural scientist among artists; observing nature is his starting point. He engages with materials, with their structures, with their textures, with their origin and potential, in a world in which everything is related.

Growth and expansion pose the question of the beginning. But this solves itself, because before every present moment, it exists a path without which present would not be possible. Beginning as a subjective moment, beginning as a solitary drop in the flowing time river.

Marc Reist


The material takes shape

Created by the artist Yassi Mazandi, the series Art Flower is composed of elementary forms, grown in complexity over the years. It evolved from vases to vertical supports, cementing their sculpture's status.
The artist's project is to create a large fan. He is collaborating with Desamanera for the development of a new process for 3D printing using stone polymers. The prints are finished by hand with natural materials.

Marble and Glass

Integrated Arts

Marble table printed in 3D with dolomite rock, Zandobbio White, and subsequently, coated with MarbleSkin™ natural Botticino completely polished.

Made in collaboration with artist Sandro Tomanin, from Vetrate Artistiche Tomanin, who created the digital model and the glass top with valuable decorations enhanced by magic of light.

Marble and Glass

3 dimensions printing of stone

We work alongside artists and designers to transmit emotions with stone. Our additive manufacturing in 3 dimensions allows you to create refined and functional works.

Working prototypes

During the implementation phase of new ideas, the 3D printing technology helps to drive down costs and time by prototyping in small or real scale.

Shapes and materials for creatives

The 3D printing for shapes, MarbleSkin™ for aesthetics, surface characterizations for performance. Our products offer to your customers originality and innovation.

Small series productions

3D printing technology offers to the industrial design the possibility to print small batches at low cost in a short time (58 cm/hour in height, around 22 inch/hour). Timing is as important as idea.

Today, the 3D additive manufacturing for the stone allows you to create forms that were impossible yesterday

Find out what the Desamanera's 3D printer can make for you.

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Creative surface finishes

The beauty of the marble and the infinite variety of colours and finishes give a unique look to each piece produced.

Research and innovation

The collaboration with universities, research institutions and innovative companies allows us to constantly develop patented unique materials and processes. Our Customers and Partners benefit from the same great competitive advantage.

Italian's excellence

Every surface characterization is enhanced by manual finishing with the highest attention to details. Everything is Made in Italy.

Maximum customization

We work closely with our Customers to meet their specific needs and to realize three-dimensional printable models with personalized surface characterizations.

Our surface finishes allow you to create innovative products

Discover all the Desamanera's finishes

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Success stories

Follow our blog to learn where our technology has been successfully applied in the world of art and design.

Desamanera to Fuorisalone’s Milano

Desamanera to Fuorisalone’s Milano

Meteor lamp covered in liquid marble MarmoLiquido™ by Desamanera participates in Fuorisalone2016 Methesis space inside the area Tortona
Desamanera is in the FABulous top 10 European Projects for 3D Printing

Desamanera is in the FABulous top 10 European Projects for 3D Printing

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