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The largest 3D printer in the world using stone material:

Applications for Interior and Exterior Architecture

  • Architects working with the 3D printer Desamanera

    New horizons in design

    Harmony between environment and forms

  • Architects working with the 3D printer Desamanera

    Finishes for every need

    Today, as never before, the nature can be your inspiration

The time realization is as important as ideas.

We help our customers to shape their imagination by creating things never seen before

Endless shapes

The Möbius strip

Starting from a digital project or from a three-dimensional scan, we are able to print extremely complex objects.

In mathematics, more precisely in topology, the Möbius strip is an example of non-orientable and ruled surface. A structure like this would be difficult to achieve with the subtractive traditional technologies; even impossible with poured into molds.

3D printing of a Möbius strip

The Marble everywhere

Infinite applications

Our finishes can be applied to most surfaces, not just those created with our 3D printer.

Walls, ceilings, vaults, pillars and rough objects with complex shapes, can be characterized with MarmoLiquido™ with photoluminescence or with other innovative finishes.

Desamanera surface finishes

Futuristic buildings

A new way of designing

The architect James Gardiner of Faan Studio, has concieved a villa with zero visual impact to be built in Porto Rotondo, Sardegna.

The building is called free form because it wipes out the limits of current building techniques, bypassing formwork and concrete. The building will be built using our 3D printing tecnology technique creating - layer by layer, sheet of sand by sheet of sand - hollow columns, slanting walls and sinuous volumes.

We need no more solid volumes and right angles. No need to be concerned about statics; tests have proven that our rock has superior mechanical properties than concrete. Stress tests over a long period are underway; so far the results prove that these tests are positive.

Ing. Enrico Dini
3D printing of the villa Jameo Gardiner

Additive stone manufacturing

The architecture draws inspiration from nature and the context of the works. With the 3D stone printer you can give space to the forms, without being constrained by the size.

Prevent problems

3D printing allows you to quickly create, small scale architectural models and to perform tests to highlight potential problems in project planning or performance.

Shapes and materials of the future

Looking at the evolution of pure and industrial design, the trend of tomorrow’s architecture is to integrate more and more with nature, using complex geometries made with ecological materials.

Rapid adjustments during work in progress

Until a few minutes before printing you can make changes, even substantial, to the printing project. Even after printing it is possible to integrate other molded parts.

Change your design thinking using 3D printing

Find out what the printer Desamanera can make for you.

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Surface finishes for architecture

The surface finishes give to the elements aesthetic and performance quality. The surface characterizations can be applied, with artisanal know-how, on most types of surfaces and 3D prints.

Research and innovation

Our products are designed and certified in the laboratories of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Padua. The MarmoLiquido™ and applied nanotechnology , stem from scientific collaborations, with special attention to the world of architecture.

High performance materials

The surface characterizations can incorporate, according to the needs, various materials which guarantee the performance quality: thermal and acoustic insulation, weather resistance, water repellency, resistance to acids, to mold, high temperatures, etc.

High quality finishes for every surface

Desamanera finishes, including MarmoLiquido™, lend themselves to being applied on less noble materials such as plasterboard. Thanks to a millimetric low weight thickness, many applications become accessible even where the marble would be impossible to use, such as amorphous walls or ceilings.

We offer endless combinations of finishes, mixtures of materials and application techniques

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Cases of success

Follow our blog to see all projects where our technology has been successfully applied to Interior and exterior architecture.

Desamanera is in the FABulous top 10 European Projects for 3D Printing

Desamanera is in the FABulous top 10 European Projects for 3D Printing

Art(&)Form European network of artists, designers, producers and digital printers in the 3D printing large scale.
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With 3D printing will you walk on the ceiling or on the floor?

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Offer open spaces to your creativity

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