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Our innovative and natural materials allow you to create works with superior performance and, at the same time, environmentally friendly.

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Our company

We are an innovative startup: a combination of pioneers and smart minds. We enhanced the stone 3D printer and laid the marble on unimaginable surfaces. We fuse together two worlds which seem to be apart, at first glance: digital manufacturing and craftsmanship. Inspired by tradition, we look at the future to allow our Customers to give shape to their dreams.

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European Commission

Our Services

We offer a three-dimensional printing that is a unique worldwide patented technology.
Through our surfaces characterizations, we are the first who cover every surface with marble, even the most complex shape.
All this for small series or unique pieces, at low cost and in a short time.

Desamanera 3D printer for stone

3D stone print services

Starting from a digital draw or from a 3D scan, we print objects in stone of any size. The additive process of printing allows you to create even very complex objects with shapes not achievable by subtractives conventional technologies or casting into molds.

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Desamanera surface finishes

Surface characterizations

All surfaces, even the most complex, can be characterized and personalized with our materials and products. We develop innovative materials and application processes to give to the surfaces superior technical performances and enhance the value of aesthetic and originality.

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You imagine, we create

Do not constrain your imagination: let us shape your creativity into solid forms.

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