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Published on 7/17/2015
Categories: 3D printing

Beside makers and inventors from all over Europe

Beside makers and inventors from all over Europe


We walked around the Renzo Piano Auditorium during the days of Makerfaire and, wow, it seems to be really forward-looking place: the area turns into a citadel of the future. There are inventions of every kind and for every field: from smartphone-controlled skateboards to robots...



Makerfaire is for all
And this is the first impression it gave to us. The main themes of the event focus on everything related to the innovation in science, product and process, new forms of art and experimentation For us it was very interesting to see how presenting the ideas directly and immediately on the place is a possibility for digital artisans, experts or simply interested people to create a profitable place for discussion through the continuous exchange of ideas and opinions.


(photo: Antonino Italiano and Enrico Dini to Maker Faire 2014 Rome)


The keywords of the event, passion and talent coincide with those of Desamanera; We took part in Makerfaire because we like to look the future, and our participation has been a great occasion to show the revolutionary potential of our innovative stone printing technology.



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