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Published on 2/24/2018
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#cittàvivibili Award: Desamanera promotes accessibility

#cittàvivibili Award: Desamanera promotes accessibility


Imagine a completely accessible city to all, without any architectural barrier. Does it seem utopian? Yet it may not be anymore: the little town of San Bellino (Rovigo) is making a name for itself for its ambitious and admirable plan to become the first Italian city with no architectural barriers
San Bellino, with its mayor Aldo D'Achille in the forefront, is following a specific program to achieve its goal and the first concrete actions have already been performed among which the realization of an inclusive public park, with games certified for children both able-bodied and with disabilities.
In this journey, the #cittàvivibili Award takes on an important function. It is a competition set up to sensitize young people (but not only) to a careful reflection on the issues of disability and accessibility.
The key role is played by art, which arouses emotions in people and can transmit the value of inclusion.

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Today, February 24th 2018 the award was presented to the public, at the Municipality of San Bellino. 
The competition, addressed to the students of the Artistic High Schools of the whole National territory, wants to encourage and involve the participation of the students in the realization of digital artworks modeled in 3D or scanned, to deepen the link between architecture and usability of all the common spaces

Desamanera will have the honor, as technical partner of #cittàvivibili Award, to materially realize the winning work of the competition through stone 3D printing

This will then be exhibited within the municipal territory. A small-scaled copy of the artwork will instead be donated to the high school attended by the winner. 



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