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Photographer: Chiara Brunelli
Published on 5/31/2016

Our innovative materials in support of creativity: 3DPrintHub 7th to 9 th June 2016 Fieramilanocity

Our innovative materials in support of creativity: 3DPrintHub 7th to 9 th June 2016 Fieramilanocity

In 50mq2, which will have to 3DPrint Hub 2016, Desamanera will create a path that visitors can follow, seeing and touching first-hand everything that the company is able to create.

Using the tools at its disposal, Desamanera will activate emotions in his interlocutors, sensations and pleasant perceptions that will enable the mind to travel through moving image to a real tactile experience of important monuments, leaving thereby engaging surfaces, colors and luminescent effects .

The skillful use of light and the peculiar characteristics of the materials used by Desamanera will allow each visitor to experience unique and unforgettable emotions, verifying the specificity of Maniffattura augmentation applied to the production and surface characterizations made in unique and exclusive way.

The direct and personal vision of marble elements and large rocks 3D Printed, custom coatings that use the MarmoLiquidoTM will not solicit and satisfy the curiosity of the fair audience.

The space will be dedicated, in fact, the application of new solutions with the use of micro and nano all absolutely natural materials.

The trade fair, sponsored by Senaf, will unfold further in another six areas: 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Drones, Electronic and IoT, Material, Robot.

The three-day event, which will include exhibition areas, demonstration areas, workshops and conferences, case studies and technical presentations, will be a unique opportunity to learn about and see live all innovation sectors in a single, real technological Hub.

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