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Start Your Web Business in 3D Printing...now!

Start Your Web Business in 3D Printing...now!

Start Your Web Business in 3D Printing...now!

This is the motto that appeared to me the first time I went on the FABulous site.
Interesting, I said.
Keep on reading their site I understood better their main aim, which is to create and support a FIWARE-based ecosystem service for 3D printing technologies. With the help of FIWARE, FABulous wants to create a kind of network for investors, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the field of web design, production, logistics and services for 3D printing. It was fantastic! Reading that, I suddenly had an idea, that will soon be revealed..

At that moment, I cannot believe that such a particular project was so perfectly matching with our idea of innovative startups. Maybe now you are asking yourself what is FIWARE about, and this was also my first question when I read about it - I had never heard of it before - so I tried to search some more details about it.


FIWARE is essentially an open source community with a clear mission: to create an ecosystem ready to seize the incoming opportunities that digitization will offer, together with the development of the latest Internet technologies.
Not only: FIWARE also provides a rather simple but powerful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that facilitate the development of intelligent applications in multiple vertical industries.

I would have been quite happy to participate in this call financed by the European Community and in fact, I immediately downloaded the forms, read the guidelines and together with our Dream Team wrote the project "Art (&) Form" that we already had in mind.
Then, one night this summer I received an email, regarding the evaluation of our proposal ...

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Object: Proposal [Art(&)Form] - Evaluation result
Dear Applicant,
We are pleased to inform you that your proposal has been selected for Service Maturity Level 1 of FABulous Open Call 2. You will find attached the Evaluation Summary Report of your proposal.

I opened the attachment and had a quick look at the text :
- Concept and innovation capacity (4.5 of 5)
- FIWARE using technology (4 of 5)
- Impact and readiness of the market (4.5 of 5)
- Quality of the project team (4.2 of 5)
[Art (&) Form] Artistic Fiware-printed big Objects with Regenerated Marble - Final Rating 17.2 out of 20!

We were chosen!
My joy for this achievement was comparable only to the efforts made to get there.
I was very happy.
Every mail we received from the FABulous team was a new emotion.
Now, there are a lot of things to do: sign the contract, participate at the Kick off Meeting, create the FIWARE account, set up the Cloud, follow the technical webinars and, obviously put the project into practice...

Right, the project ...
Our idea was to create a platform for the sector “manufacturing” with the main aim to sum up the services that we will offer related to large 3D stone printing, surface finishes and other, all concerning the field of additive manufacturing.
The platform is planned to provide web services / apps to upload, store and view files containing objects in three dimensions, decide their scale and eventually their finishing, set the plan for printing, choose the printer with the most appropriate technology to print the object, calculate timing and geographical distribution, and monitor the production process in progress until the shipment. This platform is conceived to be the hub for an European network of digital printers in large size.
Here is our project.

What about now?
We will start from the planning.
See you in Bilbao on January the 12th and 13th 2016 where we will finally unveil the first results of our project.
And, who knows, maybe we will hear a voice saying "For you ... FABulous goes on!"

Good luck to all the Desamanera Dream Team
Andrea Beretta

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